Our early childhood programs offer young chlidren the security of rhythmic activities attuned to nature; songs, stories and circle time that speak to their imaginations, plenty of time outside playing, building with what nature provides and taking care of the garden. Young children imitate the world around them and we seek to provide a beautiful environment and a variety of purposeful activities that enrich our children’s hearts, bodies, and minds.

We offer two, three, and five-day programs. Our mixed-aged programs run from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

Children will learn songs, poetry, and stories that feed their imaginations and foster a rich vocabulary and love of language, the foundation for healthy literacy. Our meals are the focus of our indoor time – wholesome and delicious, and at a beautifully laid table where we learn to talk about our lives.


Additionally, our extended afternoon, runs until 3p.m.

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Please see our financial commitment page for the current costs associated with each program.