The food we grow, prepare, and enjoy together at Garden Gate, reflects much about our beliefs. Inspired by the ways meals are served in France, we organize seasonal menus to reflect what is growing in our garden and on the farms around Columbia (Happy Hollow Farm and Blue Bell Farms are two that we source from at the moment).

On any given day, the children are helping teachers in the garden, preparing vegetables for the next day,  or kneading bread to be eaten the same day. We serve the food in three to four courses, usually beginning with a salad, moving to a main-dish, dessert, and a cheese course.

All the food is vegetarian; and we like to sample flavors from around the world. Some of our menus have included flavors from Denmark, Zambia, Egypt, France, Israel, India, China, Mexico, Persia, and Japan. Inevitably, even the pickiest eaters begin to taste and even enjoy the meals over a snack-table filled with conversation and laughter.

Some of our menus are provided below:

Spring Street Menu, 2017

Winter Menu, 2016

Spring Menu, 2016

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